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Mobile Personal Training in
the comfort of your own home

What is mobile personal training?

Much like conventional personal training, mobile personal training consists of one-to-one sessions with a trainer following a fitness programme tailored towards the goals of the individual. However, unlike conventional personal training sessions which usually take part in a gym environment, a trainer will bring all of the equipment to you so that the session can take place within your home.

Is mobile personal training for me?

Whilst it is possible to achieve almost any fitness goal within the home environment, mobile personal training is ideal for weight loss, increasing fitness levels and improving the quality of everyday life through exercise.

For many reasons attending a gym to workout may not be an option; membership costs, childcare arrangements and travel ability are all valid reasons and are prime examples of when mobile personal training would be the perfect solution.

Key benefits

  • No need to arrange childcare
  • No costly gym memberships
  • No judgemental onlookers
  • No additional travel time required

How do you get started?

Sessions are just £35 per hour, can be done in the privacy of your own home, and I’ll bring all the equipment we’ll need — All you need is the motivation. You’ll get a personalised training plan, nutrition advice and as much help and support as you need.

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