Legs, Bums
and bumps

Personalised Ante-Natal training
for you and your little bundle of joy

Why do you need Ante-Natal Personal Training?

  • Prepare you and your baby for the demands of labour, and speed up your recovery after the birth
  • Relieve pregnancy symptoms such as back ache
  • Increase the amount of oxygen-rich blood delivered to your baby via the placenta

How can I help?

I’m Gemma, a fully-qualified personal trainer, specialising in Pre- and Post-Natal fitness. With the use of functional exercise I can help you safely maintain your health, and condition your body so that you’re ready for labour and the early days of motherhood.

Is it safe?

With proper guidance, exercising whilst pregnant is not only perfectly safe, but is actually highly beneficial, both to you and your baby.

How do you get started?

Sessions are just £35 per hour, can be done in the privacy of your own home, and I’ll bring all the equipment we’ll need — All you need is the motivation. You’ll get a personalised training plan, nutrition advice and as much help and support as you need.

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