Why you should really be building a booty..

As of late there has been a huge focus in the fitness industry towards ‘building a booty’ and whilst is it likely that, like many other fitness trends (hello thigh gap), this trend will be fleeting, it may however, have more importance than simply aesthetics.

The term ‘building a booty’ refers to increasing the size, and as a result firmness, of the gluteal muscles, known to others as your bum! Bigger bums have become a fashion statement and such celebrities as Kim Kardashian have even gone so far as to get bum implants to keep up. Luckily, however, this isn’t something most of us have access to, so to meet the trend we must work hard in the gym to get a booty to be proud of. But there are actually several other reasons you should be working your butt muscles..

Hello big muscles!

The Gluteus Maximus is not only the largest muscle in the Gluteal region but it is actually the largest muscle in the human body. By building lean muscle mass, you burn more calories whilst resting, resulting in a higher metabolism. Therefore, by increasing the size of the largest muscle in your body, you are likely to burn significantly more calories on a day to day basis aiding towards both fat loss and better body composition.

Stand up, look sharp!

In towards society, many of us now lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle, spending our days sat in some way, shape or form. The seated position leads to the gluteal muscles being elongated and weakened. The key function of the gluteal muscles is to aid the stabilisation of the pelvis to enforce good posture when standing, walking, running etc. If these muscles are weakened, it is likely that your posture will negatively suffer as a result. Therefore it is important to work and tighten the muscles to not only ensure good posture (which of course yields the illusion of looking slimmer) but also avoid issues such as back pain, headaches and breathing difficulties.

So next time you’re in the gym and thinking of working that booty consider the other reasons why what you are doing is important. Afterall, it’s not a coincidence that the girls with booty’s that pop also look great everywhere ;)