I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Ok, so these people may not actually be my friends as such, but drawing inspiration from others can be key to maintaining your motivation. This list features 5 of the top accounts I follow on Instagram who provide me with daily inspiration to keep me motivated. Let me know if you have any others you value in the comments.

Alexa Jean Fitness

like me, Alexa is a mum to a beautiful little girl, so it should come as no shock that I immediately identified with her. She posts short workout videos which can easily be done from the comfort of your own home. Currently pregnant with her second girl, some of her videos also ideas of how to workout when pregnant.

Clean Eating Alice

Alice is amazing at providing a variety of meal ideas and workouts. In just two and a half years she has completely transformed her body. Everything she eats is clean and I’ve found great ideas for mixing certain foods I never would have even considered putting in the same dish.


Another amazing body transformation story. On her account Lyss posts healthy food ideas, workout inspiration and before and after photos of those using the same program she did. I find this account is a great reminder that there are others going through the same journey you are and that it is possible.

Base Body Babes

For me, these two are goals! These two Australian sisters are strong, fit and not to mention beautiful! Their account is predominately photos of them looking good in sportswear, but it’s important to remember the work they do to achieve the look they have. For me, I like to have something to work towards, and this helps me hold onto what I am trying not to achieve.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla’s account provides a mix of workout ideas and healthy food ideas. But what I love most about this account is the familiarity of her posts. She’s often posting pictures with her dog, finance and even in her PJs, reminding us all that she is a real person. This for me makes my goals seem all the more achievable.

Whilst these are my top inspirations, they may not motivate you in the same way they do me. It’s important to find your own inspiration to follow and keep you motivated. Look for people you can identify with, try to keep it real (by that I mean, those on a similar budget as you - not celebrities with endless cash flow) and look for those following the same goals you are, whether that is to get healthier, lose weight or even get stronger. And remember, if they can do it, you can too!!


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