How to actually achieve your weight loss goals

As the first week of 2017 draws to a close, many have been focused on a resolution to lose weight in the new year. But sticking to this resolution can be hard and here’s why..

When we set the goal to lose weight, what we are actually trying to achieve is something we believe will happen as a result of weight loss. Whether that’s to be healthier or boost our self esteem through a slimmer appearance, it’s the root cause for weight loss that should be focused on.

When setting a goal to lose weight, it is easy to be discouraged when the scale remains still or worse yet, goes up. But that’s not to say your overall goal isn’t being achieved. We’ve all heard muscle weighs more than fat, which is exactly why a weight loss goal can be very misleading.

So, where should we really be focusing our resolutions? Think about why it is that you want to lose weight (my journey started as a result of wanting to improve my health). Set yourself a some guidelines to abide by which will help you achieve this goal. For example, less refined sugar, more portions of fruit and veg daily and an increased water intake. This will make achieving your overall goal less daunting and far more achievable whilst also aiding with the weight loss.

Where increased self esteem is the underlying desire, things are a little trickier as not all guidelines will necessarily result in weight loss - but that’s ok! Despite what you think, it’s very rare for anyone to reach their perfect self. Even the most drop dead gorgeous people in the world have self believed flaws and desired changes with regards to their body. So if you’ve got a bit of weight you want to shift, then by all means make sure some of your guidelines will help aid weight loss, i.e increased fruit and veg intake, regular exercise. But make sure you include some guidelines which aren’t weight focused, ones that will help with the self esteem boost such as; identify one thing daily you love about yourself, buy a new outfit that you feel good in etc.

It’s difficult to stay motivated to do something when we don’t completely understand the reasoning behind it. Understanding what it is that’s creating the desire to lose weight will help drive the motivation you need to achieve it. So focus less on losing weight and more on achieving the goals that really matter.


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